What is a Perfetto?

The perfetto is a further development of the cornetto designed by 3D Music instruments. 

This new instrument makes full use of 3D-printing technology in order to have enhanced ergomomics (which makes it more comfortable to play) and better tuning than a standard cornetto, plus some other new features.

Perfetto in 440 Hz.

The perfetto is shaped with curves which follow the shape of your hands making it far more comfortable to play than any soprano cornetto.

Like the soprano cornetto, the perfetto is an instrument in G with a range from C4 to F6 (or even higher in the hands of advanced players), which plays with normal cornetto mouthpieces. 

Two pieces

The perfetto is built in two pieces and has a tuning joint which allows for small pitch corrections of up to a quarter tone downwards.

Tuning joint

Unlike the cornetto, the perfetto has an extra hole for the right-hand little finger. This hole, when covered, produces an A (when uncovered a B flat will be produced). This solves an usual problem of the cornetto, which is the too low B flat in the middle register.

The player can also choose not to use the extra hole and then the perfetto will function like a normal cornetto, only with a B flat properly in tune.

Eight hole

Thanks to this extra hole simple trills between B, B flat and A are now possible, amongst other new possibilities.

Large hands

The eighth hole is placed in two different positions, one for large hands and one for average to small hands. The unused hole is covered with a 3D-printed flexible cap.

Average to small hands

The perfetto has an heptagon external shape (instead of the octagon of the cornetto) which makes it also more comfortable to play as each face is slightly wider.

The perfetto works very similarly to the cornetto in therms of fingerings but due to its new design and to our intention to design a more regular instrument we have changed some of them. Each player can choose his best fitting fingerings and some of them will respond differently according to different mouthpieces and playing techniques. Bellow will you find a perfetto fingering chart showing the main fingering alternatives.

Download fingering chart as PDF

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